The History of SBS

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Hi there! Come on in…welcome!

Welcome to your all access pass to SBS behind the scenes shots and footage.

Welcome to the new SBS concept brainstorming home. (Aside from my beloved, Pintrest.)

Welcome to the photographer’s diary.

I’ll try to keep things as organized as possible for you…but I can’t make any promises!

My mind is all over the place 99% of the time, after all.

Let’s begin at the beginning.

The history of Shot by Summer:

In February of 2017 my good friend Marium of Marium.jpg invited me out to “put our cameras to use and just snap photos of each other”. I had just purchased a Nikon D3500 along with a 50mm lens and hadn’t so much as broken it in yet. I met up with her, saw the endless potential that these beautiful machines (cameras) held, and the rest was history!

From there I went in, both feet on the ground. I purchased my first domain (some of you may remember, clearly heavily inspired by Marium’s photography page name, lol), set up my photography website, and started taking client bookings (mostly complimentary photo sessions that I offered as a means to build my clientele and my portfolio).

After a year of a few client bookings here and there, I quickly tired of the clientele I had initially attracted. I wanted to be pushed creatively to think and work outside of the box and far outside of my normal comfort zone.

This restlessness birthed the beginning of my 100% RAW MELANIN. Unrefined. Unfiltered photo series. This photo series focused on various shades of brown skin, in their most raw state. No makeup. Very little retouching. Simple, real beauty. For months, I contacted old friends who lived in the area, reached out to models and “regular people” with natural beauty and confidence on social media. I filled up my schedule with 100% RAW MELANIN shoots.

I eventually put my initial passion project on the back burner and began taking clients again, this time being more selective about the bookings I would accept. I began working with up-and-coming bloggers, offering lifestyle content for their online presence. I began taking toddler and child photos as well as couples photos. I began setting up photo sessions when I would travel to another state, hoping to connect with clients in other areas of the U.S.